I've submitted the 'Start the Year' event - our 11th roving event. It'd be great if any of you would like to travel up to Keyworth in Nottinghamshire to come see us - especially committee members and GAGB Friends.

The theme is to plan your geocaching year, which is in three parts to suit different tastes:
  1. Make your own containers. We provide the equipment and some raw materials, you learn how to make custom containers and/or convince others with skills to make some for you! try out new ideas, and give yourself something to do that is geocaching-related during those dark winter evenings!
  2. Solve those puzzles! We'll have some people who can help you with ciphers and tricky puzzle-solving techniques.
  3. Events. We'll have info on the various significant geocaching events, such as the three Megas in Britain as well as other events worth travelling to both home and abroad.

There are thousands of geocaches in the area, in fact 500 within five miles! It's also close to the Cold War Cache - which has many hundreds of favourite points. Why not make this the weekend that you travel to Nottinghamshire and have a geocaching short break?

January 12, 2019, in Keyworth Village Hall. Nottinghamshire. 2pm until 5:30pm, with cleanup until 6pm.

It's not published yet, but when it is, it will be GC7X2V9