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Thread: Old Garmin GPSr's for free to a good home

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    Default Old Garmin GPSr's for free to a good home

    I used to be a regular cacher, several years ago, but never seem to do it any more. I guess the kids grew into adults, and interests change.... so I have 3 handheld GPS receivers that could really do with new homes.

    I live in Winchester, so obviously, if you live in this area, it's going to be easier to get it to you. I'm thinking these would be great for your young children to use, while you use your more expensive 'pride and joy'. I'm also thinking that spreading them across up to 3 families sounds like a good idea.

    The units are :
    - Garmin GPS12XL
    - Garmin eTrex Yellow
    - Garmin eTrex Vista all getting a bit old, but all seem to be working fine. The eTrex Vista seems to have some local Winchester maps on it.

    I have a small number of serial / power cables for these units too. You will, of course, need to supply endless AA batteries to make them work!!

    Not being a regular user in this forum, the best way to get in touch is by email..... so "gagb <at> blitzfamily <dot> org <dot> uk", and tell me what you plan to do with them.

    Paul Blitz

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    You could also try the facebook group
    Ant, of Sharant

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    How about giving them to a Scout or Guide group? I'm sure they would be very pleased and could make good use of them. I believe they have geocaching badges to work for now.

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