I am pleased to continue my role as Chair for two more years. My main aims going forward are to expand and increase the number of GAGB friends. I strongly believe that if geocachers in the UK have a strong support network of Friends of Geocaching around the UK helping us to achieve more and increase GAGB’s engagement with our community, we’ll all benefit.

I would also like us to build up a selection of helpful web pages based our past and future Seeker articles as a resource for geocachers. Making GAGB a trusted source for help, information, advice, and just jolly good geocaching stories would be great!

Finally I would also like to increase amount of events where GAGB has a representative – mostly through our Roving Events in many regions, and also by helping out other event organisers and, of course, attending the Mega events. I’d also like to see if the Makers’ Workshop events prove to be popular. I hope our Friends can help make all this happen.

If you think this sounds great and would like to help me achieve these aims, and if you have other aims that you’d like GAGB to achieve, please join me on the committee! Find a couple of friends who are members to nominate you, and join the committee. I’d love to work with you in 2019.