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Thread: Committee Manifestos for 2018/2019 Committee Election

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    Default Committee Manifestos for 2018/2019 Committee Election

    Congratulations to the new GAGB committee :-)

    I think it would be good to still have a few short words from each of the GAGB committee to let our members get to know the new committee and their ideas for the coming year.

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    For those of you whom don't know me My name is Dominic Murray and my
    caching name is Geocaching Womble.

    I was elected to the GAGB committee last year after spending 7 years on
    the Opencaching UK (OCUK) (<>)
    management team as a reviewer, forum moderator and Committee
    member. Additionally I spent 6 of those years as GAGB liaison officer for
    OCUK for U.K. Guidelines management.

    Over the past year on the Committee, I have helped:

    Update the constitution,

    Produce the Yorkshire GAGB geocoin,

    Run the GAGB stall at the Yorkshire Mega

    Successfully set up and managed the GAGB Friends initiative

    Handle complaints from the public about geocaching

    Judge the photo competition alongside other Committee members

    Helped run GAGB social media campaigns

    Revise and update the GAGB geocaching Guidelines with the help of other
    Committee members.

    I would like to build upon the success of the GAGB Friends initiative
    which Ihave taken from a previously struggling concept, to a brand new Tier of
    membership. I did this by starting again and ensuring the constitution was
    changed, in order to give GAGB Friends powers, within our association. I
    have actively recruited the GAGB Friends and would like the opportunity to
    continue this and further expand recruitment and further improve GAGB
    membership engagement.

    I would like to further continue to improve the GAGB magazine Seeker, by
    encouraging more members to actively contribute to it. I would also like
    toencourage the membership to be more involved in the association and
    journalistic side of the magazine.

    I would like to have the opportunity to continue as GLAD manager as I
    have found this to be both challenging and something I have a flare for.

    As GLAD Manager I have:

    Renewed the Forestry Commission Geocaching agreements for both the
    New Forest And Dorset, the South of England and Scotland

    In addition I have updated the GAGB meetings system from Chatzy to
    Discord as it preserves the chat history better and allows for more
    comprehensive minutes to be written.
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    GAGB Committee 2017-2021

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    I am pleased to be able to serve on the GAGB Committee for a third year and would like to continue in my role as Treasurer.

    As well as keeping the accounts up to date, I have been involved in all Committee decisions including the amendments to the Constitition and the Guidelines, the photo competition judging, the design and production of the National Parks series geocoins and the introduction of the new "Friends" tier of membership.

    I chased up and recovered some outstanding monies owing to GAGB and represented the association at a number of caching events e.g. Piratemania, the Yorkshire Mega and some of our GAGB Roving Events. I also helped to run stalls where applicable.

    I am pleased that that we now have our own branded range of clothing available in the GAGB shop and have been responsible for dealing with the orders for this.

    I look forward to working alongside both new and old members of the Committee to further the interests of GAGB.

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    Thank you to those who nominated me. It is an honour to have the opportunity to serve on the GAGB committee for another year.

    I would like to continue in my role as social media lead, and I am also keen to write and send out the new monthly newsletter. With these two responsibilities combined, I propose naming the role 'Communications Officer'. In addition to GAGB and geocaching news, I believe that more engaging content should be shared. For instance, geocaching help and advice, the continuation of our 'Featured Series' campaign, more photos, and more. The newsletter should be developed with unique elements that are not otherwise frequently shared on social media, such as puzzle solving tips. I look forward to listening to member feedback and improving the GAGB's online presence and communications to the greatest extent possible.

    Beyond this, I have a wider vision for what the GAGB should look like in a year's time. It is my firm belief that the GAGB should lie at the heart of the geocaching community in the UK. It already is, to a large degree, but not as much as it could be. The Association should be doing all it can to further geocaching in the UK, and I would be happy to support the rest of the committee in devising and executing ideas to reach this end.

    I have an idea to help ensure that the GAGB solidifies its place at the centre of the UK caching community. When I look at the landscape of geocaching in the UK, one thing is clear. The Mega events are magnets, attracting geocachers from all over the country. There are people who attend all of them, others who attend most of them, and some who have only been to a few, going when they can. Of course, not everyone has managed to attend one yet… but the chances are that the vast majority will do so at some point. With this in mind, it makes sense for the GAGB to support Mega events to the greatest extent possible.

    Throughout my time on the committee, we have indeed supported the Annual UK Mega's. We also have maintained a clear presence at almost each one. But we can go even further than this. I would like to see the establishment of what would essentially be a 'UK Mega Fund' - a percentage, or precise amount, of money from current GAGB funds to set aside for donating to the Mega's. This would be decided during the first or second committee meeting of the year, with the Chair and Treasurer proposing a sensible amount to be discussed and ratified by the rest of the committee. This budget should be split between all Mega events. I believe that this should be the GAGB's spending priority, on par with or ahead of merchandise. The Mega's need more support, and we should be there to provide more of it as a guarantee. I shall not speculate on the specifics (e.g. the sensible amount of money allocated, which may vary year-to-year, and how it would be divided between events) as I believe these should be considered by the Chair along with the Treasurer, and ultimately the wider committee. I just thought I would use this opportunity to lay out what I think is a much-needed proposal: money officially set aside from the start, and guaranteed for every Mega.

    I aim to continue discussing and contributing to other matters during and in between meetings. I would be happy to help with running the upcoming GAGB TB race, and develop some ideas that the outgoing committee are leaving for the new committee.

    So, thanks again to those who nominated me, and I look forward to working with the other members of the 2018/19 committee to help achieve great things for the GAGB over the coming twelve months.
    GAGB Chair
    Chair 2020-2021 & 2023-
    Vice Chair 2019-2020
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    Hi, I am the moortrekka half of moortrekka & Mrs

    We have been caching Since: 12/29/2007 down here in Devon.
    Like many I started in Geocaching while looking to find a relaxing but purposeful way of escaping the boring bits of life.
    The journey continues as my chosen hobby changes and morphs.
    As time has progressed I continue to explore the world as my playground…... GPS in hand.

    Over that period I have become more active in caching, not just finding little boxes but also travelling and making new friends
    I do believe in life you have to give back……..
    I became the Chairman for the Devon UK Mega 2017 which took over our lives for over 2 years
    and now I am making my first small steps as a committee member here at GAGB,

    I hope we will meet soon, If you see me, come over an say hello.
    I might also have our Geohound “Trekka” with me, he is a very friendly waggy tailed Beagle.[IMG]DSC_0603[/IMG]
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