Hi All, There is a brand new Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Reserve recently opened and I thought I'd look into placing my first cache there as it's near enough for me to maintain. As it's so new, I wasn't surprised that it's not showing on the MAGIC map. I looked on the Land Permissions, but Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is only mentioned in regards to Ledston Luck Nature Reserve. I've also tried searching the forums here and have scrolled through the Landowner Permissions section. I also eventually found some list on geocaching.com but it was a bit vague when it came to nature reserves and did not mention Wildlife Trusts specifically. When I contacted YWT direct, eventually I got this reply: "I look after Ripon City Wetlands nature reserve and have been passed your email about using our new nature reserve as a geocache location. Are you a member of the Geocaching Association of Great Britain? The Trust has a contract with GAGB to permit geocaches on our reserves. Jonathan Leadley North Regional Manager Yorkshire Wildlife Trust" I can't find anything to back this up. Have I just missed it? I don't want to place a cache without being sure.