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Thread: Representing the GAGB

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    I have re opened this topic just to say Well done to Milton on a very public appology.

    Hopefully this will be the ned of it.

    Best of British


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    Originally posted by marinor@Jan 23 2006, 06:42 PM
    In the shipping industry over the last 10 years, any vertical ladder of more than 2mtrs has to have safety hoops and a back bar. The code of safe working practices states that anyone working above a height of 2mtrs MUST wear a safety harness.
    I also know that EC regulations say that if you have any manure in your garden which is more than 12 months old you MUST have a "Hazardous Waste Licence". The same applies to a compost heap. :lol: :lol:

    I have read somewhere that people who employ gardeners must provide thick leather gloves to save their employees from, for instance, pricking themselves on a bramble and it becoming infected. (watch out when you are caching then)

    Anyway, 'nuff said other than to thank Moote for his apology (well done) and keep fingers crossed that we can find a less confrontational approach in future.

    I love that warm feeling of a friendly arm-round-the-shoulder.

    Happs cachin,

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