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Thread: Nominations for Committee Members 2019/2020

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bear and Ragged View Post
    Thank you to Maple Leaf and Bear and Ragged for nominating me and and seconding me.

    I am only too happy to accept the nomination. I would hope that if elected, I am able to build on the work I did as GLAD manager this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antreid View Post
    I hadn't realised that Dannie (rooting reuben) hadn't been nominated. She is so good on event stalls and has such fantastic and creative ideas, yet is also practical. I hereby nominate her.

    Many Thanks to Ant for the nomination and BaCas for seconding, I enjoyed helping out at the mega's and have an outgoing personality and would be happy to accept the nomination. Many Thanks.

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    Default Final Candidate List

    At the close of nominations, the following is the final status:

    Geocaching Womble (Dominic Murray) - nominated, seconded, accepted, manifesto, avatar, photo
    Saza36 (Chris Carpenter) - nominated, seconded, accepted, manifesto, avatar, photo
    happygirlie (Debs Griffiths) - nominated, seconded, accepted, manifesto, avatar, photo
    Grahamthegray (Graham Haddock) - nominated, seconded, accepted, manifesto, avatar, photo

    Jenn the funky Ranger (Jenn Hill) - nominated, seconded, accepted, manifesto, photo

    BorderCaz (Caroline Turver) - nominated, seconded, accepted
    GriffGrof (Arthur Griffiths) - nominated, seconded, accepted
    Moira Crackers (Mel Read) - nominated, seconded, accepted
    Amber Merry (amberr.merry) - nominated, seconded, accepted
    maattmoo (Matt) - nominated, seconded, accepted
    richt2000 (Richard Tucker) - nominated, seconded, accepted
    rooting reuben (Dannie) - nominated, seconded, accepted
    __________________________________________________ _______

    Sir-Lancelot (Joe) - nominated, seconded
    mankybadger (Dave) - nominated, seconded
    __________________________________________________ _______

    Mrs BaCas - nominated, declined
    Grizzly Pair (Celia) - nominated, seconded, declined
    Sharant (Ant Reid) - nominated, seconded, declined

    Twelve candidates accepted their nomination and will be standing for election to the eight-member committee, so there will be an election.

    Two candidates were nominated and seconded, but did not accept their nomination. Three Candidates declined their nomination.

    Candidates who have accepted their nomination are reminded to send me their manifesto, passport-type photo, and avatar by midnight, Saturday. These items will be used to create a profile that will be posted in these forums and on the ballot so GAGB members may learn something about each candidate before casting their votes. My e-mail address is
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