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Thread: Committee Candidates (2019/2020) - Q&A

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    Default Committee Candidates (2019/2020) - Q&A

    Members are invited to post questions and for the candidates to answer.

    As there are twelve potential answers/opinions to each question posted, please start a new "thread" in this election forum for each question to make it easier for everyone to follow the "conversation."

    The twelve candidates standing for the 2019/2020 Executive Committee are (in alphabetical order):

    Saza36 (Chris Carpenter)
    maattmoo (Matt Faulkner Collins)
    GriffGrof (Arthur Griffiths)
    happygirlie (Debs Griffiths)

    Grahamthegray (Graham Haddock)
    Jenn the funky Ranger (Jenn Hill)
    Amber Merry (amberr.merry)
    Geocaching Womble (Dominic Murray)
    Moira Crackers (Mel Read)
    richt2000 (Richard Tucker)
    BorderCaz (Caroline Turver)
    rooting reuben (Dannie)

    The candidates' CVs/Manifestos are posted here.
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