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Thread: Question 1: What skills can you bring to the GAGB

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    Default Question 1: What skills can you bring to the GAGB

    I would like to ask what skills the candidates can bring to the GAGB from their own lives that would be considered an asset to the association
    I have spent the last 2 years on the committee
    I spent 7 years on the Opencaching UK committee (OCUK)
    From my point of view I have Forum moderation skills from my time working for Opencaching UK
    People Skills from my time volunteering for the National Trust
    I have a wealth of experience at events in both co-ordination from my time with National Trust and supporting others at events
    I also have good fundraising skills at events from my time volunteering on stalls and working as a volunteer fundraiser for a charity
    I have a very good track record of achievement within the association
    Also I completely understand the GAGB GLAD system relatively easily now
    I am of course computer literate
    I have a passion for engagement and can interact with positively with the majority of people,
    I’m good at arranging and planning
    I also have written a wide range of articles for seeker and enjoy writing then
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    I think my "manifesto" covers a good deal of what I can bring, however, I can also bring a great wealth of personal and working experience to the table.
    My main objective I would like to bring is to try to get the community involved more and more and build connections within the many regional communities around social media and bring these communities together and sharing experiences...

    I work in a customer facing multi cultural entertainment environment which presents me many challenges.
    I am able to communicate effectively.
    As a manager I have to think on my feet and interact with various customers in a range of emotions. And the industry I work in is very heavily regulated so I have a good grasp of rules and regulations in various areas.

    I am fairly computer literate and spend (probably too much) time regularly on social media outlets.

    I love travel and my husband calls me the "PA" as I love to plan things. I enjoy hosting events and arranging geocaching walks out with others in the local geocaching community.
    I have planned and helped organise weddings, parties, group outings and coach trips, and of course cache meets.
    I would say I am great at sorting things out and I don't give up at the first hurdle.
    I am compassionate and able to listen but I am not a yes man. I feel comfortable to challenge for change in areas that maybe stagnant and explore solutions to problems that may come up.

    I think I would bring a new fresh perspective to the GAGB, a fresh pair of eyes. I know that I do not know everything but realising that is as important as learning what you don't know too...

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    I qualified as a computer programmer many years ago and progressed through to senior management finally setting up my own company in 2001. I am now a Director of two companies and specialise in CVM - customer value management. This involves working in large companies to help transform them in terms of channels, products, tools, reporting, structure, strategies and propositions, aligning them to customer needs whilst maintaining profit. I have worked in many different countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

    I have also done a significant amount of voluntary work including fundraising, within Hospital Radio, The Scout Association and Geocaching.

    So - in Summary - customer facing, manager, IT literate, good communication skills, good organiser, good listener, challenger and always happy to learn new things.

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    Continuity and a proven track record over the last 3 years as Treasurer of the Committee.

    From my career:
    Accounting & management.
    Knowledge of spreadsheets and other computer literacy skills.
    People management.
    Customer liaison and public facing roles.
    Negotiation skills.
    Coaching and training.

    Geocaching experience:
    10 years, over 6,000 finds and 82 hides.
    As well as UK, have cached in Turkey, France, Spain & Portugal.
    Treasurer of West Midlands UK Mega 2011 - 2013.
    GAGB Member since 2009
    UK Mega West Mids Committee - Treasurer 2011 - 2013
    GAGB Committee - Treasurer 2016 -

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    I feel that I would bring an array of skills to the 2019/20 GAGB committee.

    First and foremost, I am an extremely organised and disciplined person. I am known to give everything my all, seeking to go above and beyond what is required. I always adhere to deadlines. Throughout my time on the committee, I have often spent full days working on tasks, and have remained fully focussed on GAGB matters throughout my time at university (with the exception of the exam period!) - the workload at Cambridge is intense, so I managed my time, remained organised, and continued to achieve as a member of the committee. I am enthusiastic, very driven and keen to get things done. I believe these skills qualify me to potentially serve as Secretary.

    I also have experience organising events. In the past year, I have organised a GAGB roving event (which served as an introduction to geocaching, and had a good turn out) and a GAGB CITO. Events involve a lot of planning, including discussions and negotiations with venues/the council.

    I have excellent communication skills, which I have put into practice and developed as GAGB’s Communications Officer. It is imperative to have an effective communicator on the committee, to ensure that interaction with members, geocachers and the general public is of the highest standard. It is also a way for people to hear about the GAGB’s current projects, campaigns and plans.

    I am also a good writer, which helps with the communication side of things as well as editing Seeker! On that note, I also have some design skills. I designed the summer and autumn issues of Seeker from scratch, and have also created a range of content for social media - from banners for our SWAG Weekend, to an infographic explaining what we do. I can do the job to a decent standard.

    I have worked on the GAGB website for four years, so I am IT literate. I have the ability to support the webmaster(s) if ever required.

    Most importantly, though, I work well as part of a team - this is critical given that roles/responsibilities are often shared. I am always willing to listen to other people and learn from them.
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    From my career I am an extremely organised individual with vast experience as a Directors PA as well as 25 years experience in book keeping and accounts, proof reading being something I am particularly keen on.

    From a geocaching point of view I have nearly 24000 finds in over 20 different countries

    From a personal level I feel I am extremely easy to get on with and work well with others, I am also admin on our local Facebook group which is a very successful friendly group that holds monthly events
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    As a Geocacher, I have 15000+ finds in 34 countries so I have a good idea of the great things and not so great things about our hobby. I have been an admin to the Geocaching Midlands Facebook group for a few years. I have organised events and have done all the usual admin tasks that are required for a group with 1600+ members. I will continue to bring that experience to the GAGB.

    As a career, I work as a IT consultant managing and delivering multi-million pound IT systems for companies like Coca-Cola and Sky. I am used to delivering results under pressure to tight timescales. I am also used to working in a diverse team, responsible for a particular area yet working and integrating well with the other members of the team. I am able to pick up most tasks and run with them without any hand-holding or supervision.

    At work, I am often used to proof read documents and specifications to ensure that the grammar is correct and the meaning and purpose of the document is clearly understood. I have a good eye for detail and this has been used for reviewing Seeker.

    One of the advantages of my job is that I get to travel around the country. This allows me to meet other cachers at events and out in the field so cachers in different areas will know my face. I used this to the GAGB's advantage at the MEGA in Scotland as I was Meeting and Greeting people as they came to the stall, helping them part with their money

    I have successfully managed the GLAD email account all year and have responded to many of the contact emails we have to the contact email account. I will be able to continue to do that if I am re-elected.

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    I work as a care worker for vulnerable children and adults so feel I can communicate and work with a wide range of people of many different levels. I have successfully run the online shop over the past 12 months, negotiating a new supplier for clothes.
    I have successfully run an introduction to geocaching with a group of national campers from the Round Table, and would plan to do more of these kind of events in the future. I have purchased one second hand GPS and had another donated and I intend to use these for GAGB puposes of doing introductory meets with new geocachers who would like to find out more about our hobby and what we do here at GAGB.
    As a Geocacher I am working towards 5,000 finds and only this year we have traveled abroad for the first time in almost 15 years and have added 2 new countries. We have placed a few hides and have held numerous successful events within the local community, including several CITO.
    I am in communication and have an event in planning with our local council to get under active families out into open spaces and plan to introduce geocaching as a way of getting them out in the fresh air and hope they enjoy our events that they continue with it as a hobby.

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    I come from a creative background and having gone to university, as well as working high pressure jobs; I work well under pressure and when busy. I am organised and have experience in using Photoshop and website design, meaning I would be more than happy to update GAGBs website and social media channels with my photography work of products for sale etc.

    I like to listen to new ideas and feel I am an approachable and easy going person; so I would therefore hope the community would feel comfortable in coming to me for support when necessary.

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