I would like to ask the other candidates what they would like to improve or change in the GAGB?

For me it would be the reach and exposure of the GAGB. I have heard and seen from many people asking the same question...
"What does the GAGB do...?"

I don't think the GAGB blows its own trumpet enough. I don't want to turn it into anything close to boasting, but I would love for the GAGB to get more exposure to the efforts and works it does and to get that info far and wide around the country. A little appreciation where it is deserved and feedback from the community of what they want from the GAGB.

I think it would be great to host a range of events in various regions where committee members host these events as a "GAGB meet" for the community. And this also would be a great tool to inviting the people and organisations the GAGB talk with to meet with the geocaching communities that benefit from their connections.