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Thread: Need HELP ASAP - Geocaching Edinburgh

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    I'm a flight attendant and fellow geocacher. I am visiting Edinburgh for the first time on Thursday. I'd like to geocache but how do I find caches in the Edinburgh area? I won't have a car (I am staying at the Menzies Belford? Hotel. That's what's listed on my info sheet but I'm not sure if that's spelled correctly.) If you can help, email me at ASAP. I am leaving the country in less than one hour and I'm not sure if I'll have email access over there. Thanks

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    Hi here's a list centred near the Royal Mile, the central street in Edinburgh Edinburgh caches. I've no idea where your hotel is, perhaps there'll be a local along shortly.

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    Try looking up a guy called Haggis Hunter he has lists on his profile page of various edingburgh caches.
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