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Thread: Which GPS

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    ebbandflo Guest


    Just found my first and second cache (with a little difficulty) but what a lot of Fun.
    My symbran gives a reading in Degrees, Minutes and seconds not as most hand held units which I believe is Degrees and Decimal Minutes, so some maths are involved!!!
    As we are doing more walking as well a new unit is the name of the game, pref colour screen with mapping and suitable as well for Geocashing.
    Possibe shortlist Garmin GPSMAP60C or one of the top end Magellan Explorist (Takes memory cards)
    So come on you experts some ideas please.

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    Welcome to our game/sport/obsession!

    I've always used Garmins partly because their service is so good and am very satisfied with a GPSMAP 60CS.
    But if you can afford it do wait for the 60CSx which is just coming on the market and has a much better chip, more sensitive and also can accept memory cards to enable larger maps and data to be held.
    Enjoy your caching!

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    happy with my 60c didn't bother with the 60cs and more sensor means more battery use hence less lifetime. the new one does look good but will you ever make use of the extra functions???

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    The Hokesters Guest


    You might want to take a look at this topic in the UK forums.

    Not that I am driving you away from GAGB of course just most of it will have been discussed before in that thread.

    Have a read then come back to us when you have some specific questions.


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    ebbandflo Guest


    Thanks for your feedback I will take this on board. Nobody has mentioned Magellan :unsure:

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    Jacko65 Guest


    I currently use a Magellan Explorist 600.
    I can't fault it in any way. The SD card facility is excellent for expanding your machine ie. mapping software etc and the small size is a bonus.
    Packed with features which you can read about anywhere.
    Incidently, I used a Meridian Platinum before this and apart from it being on the large size it was an excellent piece of kit.
    I have only experience of Magellan products but have never felt the need to change as they have never let me down whether it be hillwalking in some tricky places or geocaching at the weekend.
    Hope this helps.
    Garmin users will no doubt point out their machines capabilities which I am not qualified in any way to comment on. Good luck.

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    Grank Guest


    Originally posted by ebbandflo@Feb 6 2006, 03:40 PM
    Thanks for your feedback I will take this on board. Nobody has mentioned Magellan :unsure:
    I started out with a magellan eXplorist 100, and once satisfied that I was hooked, bought an eXplorist XL.

    Neither have let me down. And I enjoy using them both.

    The size of the eXplorist 100-600 is very handy. The reason I went to XL was that I found it difficult tramping through the bush with reading glasses on, and at night this was positively dangerous h34r: And of course being able to download maps and waypoints was great (but you'll get this in the 400 to 600 as well).

    I definitely don't need reading glasses when using the XL. The XL definitely does not fit into your pocket, and can't be easily disguised/hidden in your mit when doing urbans - I still use my 100 when I need to be unobtrusive.

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    ebbandflo Guest


    Thanks to all that have repiled. I have bought a GPS Unit that will do me untill the Show at the NEC. We are now in double figures so I think we are hooked

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    Beagle Guest


    Im about to order the Garmin Etrex Vista cx anybody got one or offer advice before I blow 300! h34r:

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    Beagle Guest


    Any body need adice on any aspect of Gps or Nav I would be plased to help having spent 10 yrs in the forces and a mountain leader, map reading instructor and GPS instructor

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    La Perouse Guest


    After a frustrating time geocaching without a GPS (using Google Local satellite photos) I chose a Garmin Foretrex 101. After endless analysis and temptations, I thought that a simple GPSr was a better choice than going straight to the "bells and whistles" receivers.

    Delighted with its portability and ability to pick up signals (I live surrounded by 100ft gum trees) It reminds me of my first car - a 1950's 'VW beetle - dead reliable with not much to go wrong. After first outing, I returned to my footprints on my start waypoint with only 3.8 metres error. That's good enough for me.

    Only draw back so far is finger pushing involved to enter waypoints. Bought a cable with 101 to connect via a Keyspan to my MAC. The 101 has no base map capacity, but will accept simple uploads/downloads. I'm using free software GPS Connect from but it does not. Grateful for any guidance as to set up and procedure.

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    Wot No! Guest


    I did a great deal of research and agonising over prices, went for a Etrex Vista C. Be wary on ebay of us base map models selling cheaper than atlantic(ie european) base map models.
    Also second hand on ebay does not seem much cheaper than new, like Etrex Vista C's selling for about 200 when new 230, if the difference was nearer to 100 that would be better value.

    I got mine from , very satisfied.

    Wot No! :P

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    I use a Garmin Quest for car navigation. I can download all caches to this from the computer. I started to use it 'in the field' but I was worried about damaging it and also it needed the settings changed from 'lock to road' to 'off road' each time.
    I now supplement it with a Garmin Venture which doesn't have any mapping, just cities on it. I find this clearer than the Garmin Legend which has the mapping, and just as accurate. I have the best of both worlds now. The Quest gets me to the caches by road and the Venture sees to my off road needs!

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