Thanks again to those who nominated and seconded me for the position of GAGB Chair. As I had already written a manifesto (in anticipation of the election going to ballot), I’ve decided to share a newly updated version of it so that you are aware of a few of my ideas and ambitions for the GAGB.

I will not be able to achieve these alone. The GAGB needs a dynamic and proactive committee, and I encourage you to consider standing for election. Alternatively, if you have someone in mind who you think would do a great job (aged 18+), please nominate them instead! Nominations open at 00:01 on November 16th.

Without further ado, here are some snippets from my manifesto:

“I’m Arthur (Griff Grof), I live in the Cotswolds and I’ve been caching since 2010. It will be a huge honour and a privilege to serve as Chair from December 1st. I’d like to begin by thanking Sharon (sharant) for being Chair for five years – she has done an amazing job, leaving some big shoes to fill.

As Chair, I intend to work with the committee to see through all of the GAGB’s existing projects, and I have every desire to continue with what we have focussed on in recent years. In addition, I have a plethora of new ideas – so much more still needs to be done for the GAGB to remain relevant. I plan to engage with members (initially through a major survey) and the rest of the committee to formulate an exciting vision for the GAGB.

One of my top priorities will be to increase membership numbers and to keep all members ‘active’. There must be more incentives to encourage people to sign up, and we should make a bigger deal out of membership. I will aim to introduce a welcome pack and a digital membership card, the latter of which could provide benefits at GAGB events and stalls. Moreover, GAGB membership and its perks should be promoted to a far greater extent.

As part of my aspirations to develop the GAGB Friends initiative, I will seek to introduce named GAGB representatives for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This will hopefully increase the Association’s visibility and presence across its geographical remit, making more people feel like they can register and get involved. I want the GAGB to be even more open and inclusive.

My goals do not end there. I will aim to make adjustments to how things work behind the scenes (for example, by proposing the introduction of online meeting management tools), relaunch regional GAGB events as soon as it is safe to do so, create a new ‘Outreach Officer’ role to promote geocaching, and find new ways to publicise the GAGB to raise its profile even further.”

If you ever have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to let me know.