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    Default Committee roles

    As much as I don't like acronyms, I usually know what they mean. As for GLAD manager= no idea. HELP?

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    GLAD is GAGB Land Agreements Database
    So they negotiate agreements for allowing geocaches and dealing with the requests from landowners.

    Hope that helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by welshsprite View Post
    As much as I don't like acronyms, I usually know what they mean. As for GLAD manager= no idea. HELP?
    Thanks for your question.

    GLAD is an acronym for GAGB Land Agreements Database. This database contains a list of blanket agreements with landowners regarding geocaching activities on their land (i.e. whether caches are allowed or not). You can view the database here.

    There are three elements to the GLAD Manager role - one committee member can take charge of all of them (as in 2019/20), or the role can be split/shared.

    The first element is GLAD enquiries, which involves responding to enquiries from landowners (they can email us or leave a voicemail) and resolving them to their satisfaction. The second element is maintaining the database itself i.e. making sure everything is up to date, renewing agreements, and adding new ones. The third element is actually negotiating new agreements - e.g. our current GLAD Manager, richt2000, reached out to councils across GB and successfully negotiated various blanket agreements.

    You can read a description for each of the 2019/20 roles on page 26-27 of Seeker #43 (click here). If you want to, you can continue reading to find out what the current committee members got up to in 2019/20.

    I should add that a (possible) new role that isn’t covered in the descriptions is ‘Outreach Officer’, which will involve taking the lead on promoting geocaching.

    Thanks for your interest, and I hope that you’ll consider standing. Feel free to ask if you have any other questions.
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