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    I'm a relative newcommer to geocaching (a few months) and even more virginal with forums - or should that be fora? I can understand why we Brits should want a separate forum from the yank; after all we speak a different language. However, I am not sure why there is more than 1 fora. I've now registerred for this one and GeocacheUK as I also enjoy trigpoints.

    I guess there may be more lurking out there in the great electonic ether. Maybe I'm missing something but to a relative technophobe it's quite confusing? Is there a reason for this and which should I use?

    Robin (FollowMeChaps)

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    Different websites have their own focus. We are mainly focussed on being a point of public contact, establishing good practice, landowner permissions and helping newcomers.

    GeocachingUK has Trigpoints as well as many tools to help cachers such as waypoint (coordinates) downloads, UK statistics, Interactive geocache maps and much else besides.

    The UK forum in tends to be the busiest UK forum and covers a wide variety of topics.

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    Thanks Dave. I'll try and keep my eye on both.

    As a point of interest I have contacted North Somerset Council for permission to place a couple of wheelchair friendly caches on pathways in their ownership/control. Initial feedback is suggesting it should be ok but I'll keep you posted when I get the formal reply.


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    Aaaaaaah, wheelchair accessible caches, music to my ears! :P :P

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