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Thread: Wheelchair accessible series

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    I am planning to set a series of wheelchair accessible caches along a dissused railway line which is now a footpath/cycleway. I would like to place 5 caches along a 1.5 mile stretch which offers great access and an interesting rural location. I appreciate that they will be relatively close together but as there are not may wheelchair accesssible caches in the UK I thought that it would give a great opportunity for those with limited acces to knock off a few in a single trip.

    1) Is this a good/acceptable idea?
    2) Is it ok to mix real and virtual caches in the series to provide variety?
    3) Is it ok to add them over a 3 or 4 week period or must I get them all ready before sending them for review?

    Sorry there are a few questions but thes will be my first caches and I'd like to get it right.

    (I have posted this on the main USA Forum but wanted a UK view)

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    Sounds OK to me.
    Virtual caches are not allowed on anymore so they may be best used as clues for a multi ?
    As for releasing caches you can do that any way you want allthough you can ask the reviewers to approve them all at the same time.

    Are you aware of the handicaching site
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    Hi FollowMeChaps

    Usually it is a good idea to seek the permission of the landowner if they are happy for the caches being placed on their land, this can help to reduce any future conflicts with landowners. In the first instance the individual should take up this matter and a good starting place is the Agreements database on our main site. If the landowner has an agreement in place, the database will inform you of the steps required for gaining permission, if there is no agreement in place you can gain various information off the GAGB Website on how to progress gaining permission.

    The GAGB usually only negotiates directly with Major landowners, such as The Forestry Commission or a Local or County Councils. But even in these instances it is usually a good idea for the individual to make the initial approach. If you require help with any matters do come back for advice.

    As for the cache types I think Mark has covered that above, but a word on accessibility, remember if you wish to make the cache available to all then placing it too high or too low can affect how easy it is to get for some people, also placing deep in bushes and muddy areas etc. can make it hard for some.

    When I rate my caches on Handicaching I always try and think of what obstacles might cause problems and grade accordingly , also I grade all my caches not just the accessible ones, as this is helpful to people with disabilities to make a judgement on a cache suitability for them.

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    Many thanks for your input - I was not aware of the Handicaching site - there's so much to learn isn't there!

    I was advised on another forum to contact my reviewer which I have done and had some great advice. I'm now setting 2 X traditional caches and a 3 stage Multi and am adding the Handicache rating to all of them.

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    Glad you found the information you needed.

    I think the ideas you have are very good by the way.



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