I'm chairman of GAGB, and I'm also the person who receives messages to our answerphone number, which any UK cacher is free to use as a contact number in caches.

Well, today I had a message about one of my own caches. The cache is placed with the landowner's permission, but unbeknown to me, the plantation in which it was hidden has been felled, and the tree stumps uprooted.

A local couple who walk their dogs there had become aware of the cache, and had enjoyed watching cachers hunting for it! When they discovered today that the plantation had been felled, they went in and found the cache, retrieved it from the debris, and left a message on GAGB's answerphone number, which of course came straight to me!

As a little sidenote, they have a gps unit, given to them by their son, but don't know how to use it. When I collect the cache from them, I'm going to show them how to use it, and they're looking forward to trying caching for themselves.