Hi, we are Twin Peaks from Holland and we decided to make a personal geocoin.

This is the artwork.

The design was approved by Groundspeak and today we gave the minter the order to manufacture it. (so allow for 7 to 8 weeks delivery time, it is a complicated coin&#33

The coin can be ordered HERE

More info at the ordering site.

All buyers will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to pay.

PayPal is also possible, but is intended for non-Europeans (they pay a little extra for PayPal costs)
If you want to use Paypal: order via the Worldwide order page!

Questions? send me an e-mail.

PLEASE, do not e-mail me with trading requests.
I am not collecting Personal coins, only countries, states and themes (of which I have the most)
If some are left after sale, I will be on the lookout for trades.

Sales have started Worldwide, so don't wait too long!