I hope some of the experienced members can help me. i just bought a Garmin
E-Trex to have a go at Geocaching, which will give me a good excuse to get out into the countryside. I thought of buying a dog but thought my 3 cats might object.

Anyway my problem is this:

I can't seem o get my E-Trex to give me the correct co-ordinated of where I am. If I go to a local landmark and look on my OS map I was expecting my E-Trex to show a 6 figure grid ref. But acording to the E-Trex I am somewhere else?. I have tried changing the settings. I set it to OS Datum and tried some of the different formats eg digital coordinates but I can't seem to get ti to show what I would expect. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. I hope it is something simple that I have missed and not that it is faulty.

Please help. I was hoping to go out and try to find my first cache over Easter.