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Thread: New GPS hand held

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    Dean123 Guest


    Hi all

    I am in the market for a new Gps and have about £500 to spend.
    I was wondering if some of you can give me any information and addvice.
    I am looking for a good unit that is rugged, will last and is easy to use, and have a good map sytem.
    I have read some of the reports on the new Garmin 60CSx which looks good I was also looking at the Magellan eXplorist 600 but the reports on that sytem do not seem to be very good?
    The Garmin 60CSx can use the Topo Great Britian V2 map which from what I have read is a good map sytem any ifformation on this would be very helpfull.

    Many thanks

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    with that money to spend i'd not think twice and go for the garmin. i've got the 60c and would grab the csx given the slightest excuse.

    great firm and great after sales service. maps good.

    i'm sure that users of other makes will enthuse on theirs but.....

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    Dean, if you haven't seen it already you may find this thread in this forum useful regarding the 60csx. I've never tried one myself, but those who have seem very impressed!
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    Dean123 Guest


    Thanks for the advice the links have all been very interesting to read, the conclusion seems to be the 60csx everyone seems to be raving about it, so I have just ordered one.

    But I would like a bit more information on the topo uk map v2 if any one is using it I would like to know how detailed they are as I intend to do some serious hill walking in the Cairngorms up at Glen Clova and Glen Doll. I will try to do my first Geocach while Iím up there that will give someone in the area a challenge

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    morphology Guest


    Dear friends very warm salutations from the east. I noticed your discussion on the gps device choice. I'm new here but i think i have quite cheaper solution for one excellent overall performance in any condition and literary everywhere. By the way I think it is for free till august, but you can check by yourself on It is very popular in my home country. enjoy surfing

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    Originally posted by Dean123@Apr 7 2006, 12:55 AM
    .....But I would like a bit more information on the topo uk map v2 if any one is using it I would like to know how detailed they are .....
    Sorry I missed your question first time round. I'm using Topo V2 on my 60CSx and the detail is impressive and streets better than MapSource (Sorry ).

    The only thing that lets the Topo down is that few of the footpaths are marked in my area, but the accuracy of streams and rivers plus contour information is greatly superior. Overall it's a worthwhile purchase even for my application.

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