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Thread: Hello from Norfolk

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    Default Hello from Norfolk

    I am totally new to this, and am also rather old. I decided to engage with geocaching as a way to have some fun, which will also ensure that I get some exercise too. I am sooo looking forward to finding my first cache, which the app says isnít too far away from me. But not until the storm passes.

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    Indeed, stay safe and warm until it passes and enjoy your first find. Don't be put off if you fail to find the first one that you look for as there are plenty of others to be found.
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    Welcome to the crazy "game" of geocaching.

    Take note of the size of the cache - "micro" means 35mm or smaller, it might be no bigger then your little fingernail! Some are better hidden or disguised than others.

    Don't forget a pen to sign the logsheet.

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    Thank you. I am reading as much as I can and putting together a geocaching kit.

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    Congratulations on finding our world of geocaching. It can take you to so many places and help you discover things you may never have known about.
    Good luck with your first find, and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

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