Hello GAGB Members:

Nominations for the GAGB Committee for 2022/2023 will be accepted Monday-Friday, 7-11, November2022. There are eight Committee positions to fill. All GAGB active members at the start of nominations are eligible to nominate another member or second a nomination. Members who have been nominated and seconded are asked to accept or decline their nomination in this thread. Please note that the GAGB Constitution states that " 6c. Current Executive Members and the Chair shall not take part in nominations, however they may be nominated and may accept the nomination."

This means none of the current Committee members may make a nomination or second a nomination. However, non-Committee members may nominate a standing Committee member or second the Committee member's nomination. The GAGB Constitution also states that any inactive member ( a member that has not logged on to the forums for the past three years) may be nominated, but they will not be put forward to election unless they accept their nomination before the acceptance deadline of Midnight Saturday,12 November2022.

This thread will be closed at the end of the nominations period and anyone who has not been seconded and accepted during this period will not be considered as a candidate for election.

Candidates for the Committee are requested to send their manifesto, photo (passport style, I can crop the photo for you if you need help) and geocaching avatar ( if you have one) to me, Patricia Elkins ( MsPatt ), GAGB Independent Returning Officer ( Mspatt1027@gmail.com ) by, Midnight, Saturday, 12 November2022 .

After the nomination period closes, nominee manifestos, photos, and avatars will be posted in a locked 'Candidates for 2022/2023 Committee Elections' thread as well as on the ballot so you may about why each candidate is standing for election and the skills they bring to the Committee if elected.

A 'Committee Candidates 2022/2023 - Q&A' thread will be open during Sunday- Wednesday, 13-16 November 2022,leading up to the election where Members may ask the Candidates about their GAGB goals.

If there are more than eight candidates,the Election for the Committee will be held during, Thursday-Sunday, 17-21, November 2022, by SurveyHero electronic ballot. More information about the annual elections can be found in the GAGB Constitution ( Section Q )

In the meantime, it is important that you work with your internet provider ( ISP) and set your e-mail filters to white list e-mails coming from gagb.org and surveyhero.com domains so you can receive election news and the link to your ballot.

At your service,

Patricia Elkins/ MsPatt
GAGB Returning Officer