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Thread: Has anyone bought a US mapping Garmin?

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    SidAndBob Guest


    I need an upgrade from my yellow eTrex and fancy the GPSMAP 60 CSx, but as usual we seem to get ripped off in the UK on the price. I can buy for 270 from the US (delivered) and get Mapsource Europe thrown in. This will have to go on microSD card. I plan to get Topo anyway, so can't see a major catch.
    Has anyone done this? Have I missed anything?:unsure:

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    The only potential problems are customs duty and possibly warranty if it goes wrong. As you say, the detailed mapping can be Europe / UK so the US basemap that it would have in firmware is irrelevant.

    I bought an etrex in the US in 02 and didn't have any problems.

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    Disco2 Guest


    I am using a 60CSX which is the US version and it has the EU base map on memory card, had no problems what so ever and like you will get topo at some point.

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    SidAndBob Guest


    Thanks for your thoughts.
    I believe that you can't route on GPS from the euro basemap unless you get City Select or similar - which blows the saving. Found a new UK CSx on eBay for 350 in the end. I'm sure we'll be very happy together.

    Why do we always get ripped off for electrical products in this country though?

    P.S. Sellers of US models on eBay often gaurantee to pay any import duty and tax if it is charged.

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    Cave Troll & Joan Guest


    Short answer to opening question:- No i haven't

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    Kitty Hawk Guest


    I got mine 2nd hand from USA then put European metroguide on it, it works a treat.

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    Chris n Maria Guest


    I think you should be Ok - after its only the base map...and who uses that ?

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