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Thread: Join the northernmost geocaching event ever!

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    blazius Guest


    The northernmost geocaching event ever will take place in Tromsų, Norway on July 15th 2006. Geocachers from all over the world are welcome!

    For more details, please see or contact the event organisers.

    Best regards,
    F0nix & blazius

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    Geoff & Bonnie Guest


    I was there in January 1968 - it was dark!!!

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    blazius Guest


    It should still be a good chance for some midnight sun in the middle of July (weather permitting), and you'll discover that the number of caches in Arctic Norway has exploded in the last 40 years.

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    Kitty Hawk Guest


    I wasn't born until March 1968!!

    Always wanted to go to see the Northern Lights. Not yet though, got some saving to do!

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    Chris n Maria Guest


    What will the weather be like then ?

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