Hi Iím Repsov
Happily retired.
No Iím not Russian. Those who enjoy puzzles may quickly work out my surname.
Iíve cached for over 12 years but compared to some of the ĎBig hitters Ď Iím still small fry with just close to 2 k finds.
Mrs R is a muggle . Perhaps it was something to do with falling over in the cold and then logging DNF on the first 2 hides and then a film pot by a fence post. Not the greatest of introductions.
She does however occasionally let me out to play. But will wonder off if I start feeling up lampposts in supermarket car parks.
we both however enjoy travelling so my furthest North is in Iceland. South the Canary Islands.
Greece for East and the west coast of the USA.
My logs will never be Just T4TC but will sometimes reflect my weird and wonderful sense of humour.
Thank you for letting me join this group of fellow weirdoís.