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Thread: Setting a new cache

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    Kitty Hawk Guest


    When one of my caches was muggled I didn't reset it, I archived it with the idea that someone else would then be able to place a cache in what is a great location.

    That gave me an idea and when I was looking for a new site to place a cache and I was short on inspiration, so I looked up the archived caches for potential locations. It also seems that this 'recycling of location hardly ever happens.

    There are loads of sites though. So

    1. Do you think it is 'on', or 'not on' to recycle a cache site?
    2. Should we ask the old setter as a courtesy?

    What do you think?

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    Cave Troll & Joan Guest


    I would probably ask the previous cache setter out of curtesy but any location that meets the guidelines and you have permission for is fair game in my opinion.

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    i would ask partly out of being polite but also as they might have knowledge re muggles etc that you need to know.

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    Chris n Maria Guest


    1: Yes
    2: Only if they are still which case it would be a nice idea

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    I've just recycled two adjoining caches which have been archived for some time.

    In order to avoid any confusion, and to be sure of my etiquette, I asked the GC reviewers to contact the previous owner.
    They did so but received no reponse from him over a four week period.

    Apparently, new GC guidelines prevent archived caches being adopted and reactivated. Its now necessary to submit a whole new cache, which is what I have done.
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    the hole-in-the-wall gang Guest


    to answer your questions;

    1) Yes, why not.

    2) It would be nice to contact the previous setter in case they had plans to or had replaced the cache but hadn't published it yet.

    Quite often a cache area is worthy of a revisit and a new cache would be a good excuse. I have archived a couple of caches that have 'run their course', with most of the local cachers having found it and have have gone on to use the ammo box for a new cache to keep re-seeding the area with new caches.

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    Kitty Hawk Guest


    Thanks folks.

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