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Thread: Saying Hi

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    Welsh Angel Guest



    I just registered with the GAGB and wanted to extend a big hello to the community.

    Being just another newbie I only started caching late last year while I was living in the USA. Now I'm back in beautiful (and rainy) Wales.

    Any tips you have would be great, especially local advice and please, anyone living in the same area let me know and I may just bump into you at a cache!

    Also, I'm driving Cardiff to Heathrow next week to pick up my boyfriend (the person that started this addiction ) who is American but I'm trying not to hold it against him (&#33, and apart from the motorway caches is there any area people recommend for a nice caching trip off the motorway for a hour or so (walking, nice views etc). I thought maybe Junction 12 or 17? He is moving to the UK and has only cached in Wales so far so I thought I might impress him further with the beautiful UK.


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    the hole-in-the-wall gang Guest


    You could try a couple of caches just off M4 Junction 12 ;

    MOTORWAY MAYHEM M4/J12 is a quick cache and dash from the car park at Sheffield Bottom lock on the Kennet and Avon canal.

    If he likes that one then from the same location, you could spend another 30 mins on a simple multicache;


    this one may have nettles to circumnavigate so beware

    Whichever one you choose to do, happy caching

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    Summerlightning Guest


    Hi Welsh Angel.
    If you are at the airport early I can recommend the Heathrow Hikers' Cranford Park Cache.
    A pretty cache site surrounded by the modern world.
    Cache safely!

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    Paul G0TLG Guest


    Hi Welsh Angel!

    Have a look at the Kennet and Avon Canal around Newbury, which I think will be about the halfway point of your Heathrow - Cardiff return journey: There's a power trail there of really nice caches, the scenery is good and the walking flat, ideal for the jet-lagged weary traveller!

    Have fun

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    Welsh Angel Guest


    Thanks for the advice

    Junction 12 was one place I had in mind so given the recommendations I think that will be the plan! Nettles and I seem to attract each other so trousers me thinks!

    And thanks for the Heathrow cache tip - it might be a great diversion if the plane is late.

    Have a great weekend caching B)

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    wizard1974uk Guest


    Hi there and welcome

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    Hello from Mrs Blorenge (one half of The Blorenges in SE Wales)

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