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Thread: Canadian Geocoin Trade, anyone?

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    robich Guest


    Hi there!

    I'm from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

    I have a Quebec geocoin (that has been logged under my name). I was wondering if anyone has a coin from Great Britain (that has been logged under THEIR name) and would like to exchange, their coin with mine (by snail mail, of course).... thereby giving "mileage" to each other coins.

    My caching name is "robich".

    Thanks for reading this message.

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    Rebble Guest


    Hi there I just thought it was a real downer that no one responded to your post.

    So even tho I don't have a Geocoin to swap I thought I'd say Hi and good luck mate, hope you find a swap

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    robich Guest


    Thanks for your reply, but I've since found a cacher in Ireland who was willing to swap.

    I've received his Euro coin, which I will be placing in a couple weeks. He's yet to receive mine - hopefully in a week or two.

    Should be interesting how this coin swap works.



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