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Thread: Hi british geocachers!

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    Princess_Leia Guest


    Hi everyone!

    This is probably a bit random, but anyway. I am Australian and have just moved to London. Unfortunatly, i don't know any geocachers in London! I used to have so much fun back home caching with my friends and cousins. I am also a little weirded out at the idea of caching on the bus or tube (impossible?), since back home we all jump in our cars and just follow our GPSr!
    I am wondering if there are any caching clubs in London i can tag onto to meet some fellow geocachers!
    I dont fancy caching on my own!


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    nobbynobbs Guest


    can't oblige myself as i'm down in the deepest darkest hampshire but your best bet is to try the normal gc com forums for the uk. there's plenty of active london cachers on there.

    why the heck did you trade australia for uk??? i know of a good psychiatrist :lol:

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    Rebble Guest


    Oh I don't know all those Aussies going on about moaning poms, nah only kidding I spent some time in WA and the only ones who moaned about poms were the ex-poms. :lol:

    Here's hoping you have a great time in the UK. Soak up the sights and the weather cos it won't last (the weather&#33 B)

    As for location sorry can't oblige cos I'm way up North

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