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Thread: Worst Cache Situation

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    Rebble Guest


    What's the worst cache you ever found?

    And I don't mean in terms of contents or the fact it was poorly hidden I'm thinking more in terms of dangerous locations, wild animals threats from farmers and muggles (or muggers even), booby trapped caches etc.

    If you don't have a worst cache then be positive whats the nicest cache you ever found.

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    well to make the first reply upbeat, i'd not class any as the worst. they have all had a rdeeming feature if only as a good reason to go for a wander.

    the best..... grange arch for the views along the purbeck hills.

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    Mr Gadabout Guest


    Our dodgiest caching experience was when we walked into a woods to find several men lurking around including one who followed us and could be seen a distance from the cache removing his motorcycle gear. I was under the impression he was hoping we would be getting up to something naughty so he could join us...........scary. In fact I was more worried by it than the wife was.

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