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Thread: Where are you going caching

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    Following the very sad accident involving Billy Twigger, Slytherin sugegsted in the forum that we should have a forum available on GAGB for cachers to post their caching plans to enable ensure that they could record their plans in case of accident, and potentially promote team caching if people want to get together. This may also allow new cachers to get an escorted trip to demonstrate caching.

    Please post in this thread if you would use such a facility?

    In my mind (personal view, not that of the committee) is that it would be a new separate forum, one thread per trip, with the cacher stating their plans in advance and whether they would welcome other experienced/inexperienced cachers.

    How about it?

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    Snaik Guest


    From the Mountaineering Council of Scotland Website

    MCofS Pro and Cons of Formal Route Card

    The arguments against instituting a formal system carries with it a risk of creating an accountability loop within the civil law of negligence/duty of care. The walker obliged to leave a route card, the responsible person obliged to contact the police if they do not report in, the police obliged to initiate a rescue, the rescue team obliged to find the person who left the route card and the promoter accused of negligence if the system does not work as advertised.

    Just a thought

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    i would say that it might not be a good idea as it might create a false sense of security.

    far better to instil a habit of always logging your plans with a friend or family as they will be aware quicker if you fail to arrive at set time.

    a seperate thread for intended cache trips to invite others to join would be good though, on a social basis not a safety basis.

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    SierraFive Guest


    I would agree with the above two comments. It would not be clear who would have responsibility at what times for the system to work effectively. It certainly wouldn't be faster than just informing a friend or relative where you were going. I wouldn't personally have much confidence in the system working on a forum basis. It would also be a bit of extra work to do. Best avoided I think.

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