The annual GAGB elections for Committee members and for Chairman will be held in November.

The election for Chairman will begin at midnight on Sunday 5th November and end at midnight on Sunday 12th November.

The election for Committee members will begin at midnight on Tuesday 14th November and end at midnight on Tuesday 21st November.

Nominations are now open for the post of Chairman and for the posts of Committee members. Nominations will close at midnight exactly seven days before the start of the relevant election.

Nominations can be made in this thread, by sending them directly to me through my GAGB profile, or by emailing me at billd @ (without the spaces). Please remember to state whether your nomination is for Chairman or Committee member. You are entitled to nominate the same person for Chairman and for the Committee.

Only full members of GAGB are eligible to vote.

You'll need to be a "Member", "Founding Member", or "Committee Member" to vote.

Teasel has now added a page to GAGB's website where you can check for yourself, and if you're showing as a "Member (Lapsed)" or a "Member (non-voting)" you can make yourself a full voting member. You can also choose to make yourself a non-voting member or end your membership of GAGB on the page. The options you'll see on the page will vary depending on which category you're in.

The page is here.

Members joining after the time and date of this post are not entitled to vote under GAGB's constitution.

IMPORTANT: Voting will be by email to an independent non-UK returning officer (more details soon). You will need to vote using the email address you've registered with GAGB (for validation purposes). Please check that you have an up-to-date address registered, and if you haven't then amend it. You can do that on the same page where you can check your membership (link above).

If you want to discuss anything related to the nominations or elections please start a separate thread in this forum. Thanks.

(Edited to add the information about checking your membership.)

Bill, Chairman GAGB