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Thread: Cheap travel to IOW

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    Mr & Mrs Hedgehog Guest


    Been debating with myself as to whether I should post this note or note. Still if admin think it's not appropriate or too off-topic then they can delete it without offending me. It's just Mrs Hedgehog and myself are always looking out for cheap travel offers and when we saw an offer from Wightlink, we couldn't resist. Then I thought that other GAGB members might be interested in this.

    They are offering return travel to the Isle of Wight for a car and up to 3 people for 15 for internet bookings, for day trips up to 17th July. With around 11 caches on the Island we couldn't resist and so on Thursday are off to do the Island. They are also doing day-specials on the 20th July for 25.

    Please note this isn't a commercial posting as neither of us has any connection with the company concerned. We just love the many special travel offers you get from time to time from airlines, ferry companies etc and though that other 'mainlanders' (as my friend from the Island calls us), might be interested in this offer.

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    The Merman Guest


    Thanks for the info.

    Omally and I are booking to go on Sunday after the HCC event

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    Omally Guest


    If I can access the appropriate part of their website we will be... <_<

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    Omally Guest


    By the way, the offer is for one car with 1 driver and 2 passengers. I have 2 spare seats in my car on Sunday: anyone wanna tag along for a spot of Island caching? FCFS, just chip in for a bit of diesel and off we jolly well go&#33; B)

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