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Thread: Teignbridge DC "Your Countryside" newsletter

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    paul.blitz Guest


    I recently went to visit Teignbridge District Council (in South Devon) on business, and whilst in reception, took one of their "Your Countryside" newsletters.

    As you might expect, it has information on the area that TDC's Countryside Management Team looks after, which might be of interest for some of you wanting to visit the area.

    In addition, there are a load of names and phone numbers, which might be useful for anyone planning on placing a cache on TDC land.

    With that in mind, I scanned the newsletter in, and you'll find an index page HERE.

    (the images are between 250k and 400k each)


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    Mattwaggie Guest


    Looks very useful for visitors and the locals alike, well done.
    What we need now, is for more people to look out for similar newsletters from their local area or places they are visiting, and share these with all.

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