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Thread: resturant cafe recommendations

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    ok so can be off topic or on really. between us all we must know most of the good places to go for a meal snack break while caching so if anyone is off for the day and needs an idea of where to stop for a meal post it here and hopefully a local can advise a suitable venue.

    i would just list off a few but there wouldn't be much point if no one was coming down this way for a few weeks. :P

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    Roving Rangies Guest


    Wyvale Garden center on the Wroughton Road just off junction 16 of the M4. You could do my cache there as well (Come into the garden Maude)


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    MCL Guest


    Anyone doing a day's caching in Milton keynes I can recommend a delicious and cheap carvery on teh canalside at Peartree Bridge by the marina. Its open all day and before 5pm its only 3.50 for a carvery with all-you-can-eat vegetables.

    And you certainly CAN do a whole day's caching in MK. Its got about 20 caches now!

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    Alibags Guest


    The High Beach Tea Hut in Epping Forest. Gert big doorstop sarnies and steaming hot mugs of tea. Loads of caches nearby and it's cheap!!

    (ogling leather clad bikers, optional)

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    i think i've been there but way back before caching. think i will not bother oggling the bikers as they might get a little upset... and i'm not that way inclined :lol:

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