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Thread: Converting OS grid references to Coordinates

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    CareerZombie Guest


    Hi, I am new to geocaching only found two so fat from but I'm really hooked on it now.

    Does anyone know if it's possible to convert OS grid references e.g.. SK 237 859 to Longitude/latitude co-ordinates?

    reason I need to do this is we at the Badger club are notifies of Badger sets & are given OS grid references I cannot enter these into my Garmin GPS so need to convert them to co-ordinates.


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    MCL Guest


    well my favoured way is to simply use

    You input your OS coordinates, and pick the "landranger" option in the various format selections, and then when the map page comes up, at the bottom of the page beneath the map in small print is a link that says "click HERE to convert these coordinates."

    So you do that and you get a page with the equivalent coordinates in a number different formats, including lat/long

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    After also searching for many hours looking for a small downloadable windows program to do this I eventually came across this:

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    CareerZombie Guest


    Thanks for the tips, I found this site I like the best as it's easy to use

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    The Flying Boots Guest


    I use a Garmin GPS 60 and can change the settings to use either Co-ordinates or British Grid by going to "Setup" clicking on "Units" then changing the settings to accept either "hddd mm.mmm" or "British Grid".

    I use co-ordinates for geocaching mainly but when lost on the hills with a map its easier to use British Grid.

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    zwei ormers Guest


    Set your GPS to the correct british grid settings (and test them!). Then simply enter all the co-ords of your badger setts in OSGB, then change your GPS back to WGS84 lat&long and read all the lat and longs off it. Simple really.
    I have much bigger hassles being given numbers like "49-30-45N 3-10-15W" for a shipwreck or fishing mark. I don't know what the datum is (WGS84, OSGB,ED50), nor if it's 49-30-045 3-10-015,
    ..or 49-30-450 3-10-150
    ..or 49-30'45" 3-10'15"!!!

    .....and don't even get me started on DECCA postions!!!
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