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Thread: Introductions are in order...

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    cldisme Guest



    I am CLDISME. I am a geocaching Yank from the Chicago area. I will be visiting at least London and Cardiff (and maybe other areas) next June.

    I am planning on lurking around this forum for a while to gauge good geocaching areas during the brief 2 weeks I am there (and, conversely, avoid troublesome ones).

    Also, if you are coming over here and needs some tips, I'll be happy to help.

    My flagship cache is GCT211 Geocache by Lily Cache Creek if you want to know.

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    welcome to the forum, have to admit we chat here more than review caches though i'm sure that you might get some specific advice from any cachers from those areas.
    for more specific advice you might be better going to the uk area of forums.

    but come back here anyway as the more the merrier.

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