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Thread: Solo Traveler: Geocaching Guide Participation

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    just a little heads up for anyone else who got a request to use their photos by groundspeak.

    i emailled back and asked for what purpose they would be used and was told that it would be for promotional and financial gain by groundspeak. so i emailled back this following email
    "So for the use of my photo what do I get? Surely at least a years free subscription would be in order. And if it is used singularly on an item for sale then a small percentage.
    And without argument the photo to be credited to me when used."

    and got a rather abrupt and in my opinion annoying reply:
    "Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, it seems as though we have different goals and interests. Therefore, we no longer seek permission to use your photo."

    just thought i would let you know for your own information should you receive a similar request.

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    They can't be serious. It is only good manners to at least credit you with the photo. Unfortunately our copyright laws to not extend as far as the USA. Giving a years membership is not too much to ask. Come on Groundspeak do the right thing.

    The Wobbly Club.

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    well i didn't think i was askingmuch. should they use it for promotional material then all they had to do was credit to me. if they made money off the back of my photo then a small cut...

    so the only interest we didn't appear to share was making them money without any effort....

    their choice really.

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    Lactodorum Guest


    Being a Groundspeak Volunteer (unpaid&#33 I couldn't possibly comment.

    However, I can well understand your position

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    i would say this isn't a major chip on my shoulder it was just her wording of the reply that bugged me. like i was letting the side down or being unreasonable...

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