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Thread: help choosing a handdeld gps

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    I am looking to buy a present for my husband of a handheld gps but know nothing about them and a friend suggested someone on this website may be able to help. I have been looking at the etrex venture on the web but they seem to be about 60+ cheaper if I source from the States even allowing for postage. They come with a US database map but also additional Uk detailed map which can be added on - will this be a disadavantage when using it here, is it better to pay the extra and get the Uk/europe version? Any helpful suggestions welcome!

    STop press - many thanks all for your swift replies Very helpful

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    KathyXB Guest


    I bought my etrex (Legend) from amazon, they are avavilable from many suppliers. I think mine is a US model, I know you can get additional map software to upload but I think it is mainly for the coloured screen versions (I may be wrong on that). It all depends on what you plan to use the GPS for and how much detail you need on the uploaded map. Not sure but the map software (map source) may be priced such that the UK/europe may be cheaper.

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    When you buy a GPS from the States then you'll only get an American basemap as standard which has very basic information such as major routes. The same is true of European sourced GPS ie that you would only get main roads in the UK. If you want detailed UK mapping then you'll have to buy the map CD anyway.

    The main considerations for buying from the US are Repair and import duty. Repairs are invariably excellent from Garmin and the European base is in the UK. Import duty (tax plus VAT at roughly 28% total but check it) may still make imports less expensive given the strong exchange rate at nearly $2 to 1.

    I bought an eTrex in the US nearly 5 years ago, loaded UK Mapsource and it's been going strong ever since.

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    as has been said, there are few down sides to buying from states except for the likelyhood of import duties.
    you sometimes find firms that will mark the boxes as low valued gift thus potentially avoiding duty....
    BUT highly illegal and potentially can get your item seized.

    plus you'll never get it delivered from there before xmas now.

    alternative is to get it 2nd hand in the uk, amazon or ebay.

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    Fuchsiamagic Guest


    You don't strictly need a GPSr which displays maps in order to find geocaches. All you want is a basic one like a Garmin GPS 60 which stores all the waypoints which you can download from the web and just follow the arrow on the screen. You can get them for under 100.

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