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Thread: HCC Event - the weekend starts here

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    paul.blitz Guest


    Friday night, and many cachers on site already.... beer was drunk, rude jokes were told, we even watched some Tom & Jerry cartoons.

    Next the "formal bit" where we received our "official training" (so we are now insured by HCC&#33, and I downloaded the 12 cache locations into a few GPSes.

    A few then went off to practice the art of Night Caching (and on HCC land too, tut, tut&#33 to look for Tim & June's new cache, placed today at Crab Wood.

    The computers are all working, the satellite uplink works too, people are enthusiastic, and the weather looks like its gonna be "Just Right".

    See you all there!


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    Well done everyone who was involved! Sam and I dropped by this morning to see who we would bump in to. I was amazed by the number of stalls etc there. Very professional!

    Good luck for the rest of the day everyone. Sorry I am unable to help out but I am on chlidminding duties this weekend - me and Sam are "bonding" while Claire is spending money in London.

    Oh, and enjoy yourselves this evening! From the stories I heard about last night from Luggage the security people are in for a rough ride

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    Great to hear the weekend is up and running and congratulations to all concerned. Wish I could be with you but maybe we will be able to organize a similar weekend in the North West in due course so perhaps we will be able to learn from your success.
    Enjoy your caching!

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    Well done to the Bramblers and everyone else who has worked towards this fantastic event. We visited today for all-too-short a period and enjoyed meeting many people who we almost knew without ever having met them before. It was great to be amoungst so many like-minded people and to see such a good turn out of Geomuggles.

    The car park attendant told us that there were 50-70 cars in the public car park throughout the day, and people appeared to be spending 1 to 1.5 hours at the event - I make that about 300 car loads of people. Quite an amazing turnout, well done.

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    Well done indeed to everyone who helped bring this event about. I spent the morning showing muggles the pc side and the afternoon out with them in the woods, and all those I dealt with seemed genuinely interested and very receptive. If they were a representative cross-selection then a lot of people went away from the event bubbling over with enthusiasm for geocaching!
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    golddust1000 Guest


    What a great set up. Visited today with Hazel and granddaughter. Wish we could have stayed longer but we had had Eden for a week already :

    Enjoyed all the stalls. I think Eden entered the 'colouring' competition. Had a hot dog, and then had to go

    Maybe a longer stay next time.




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