Minutes of GAGB meeting 6th Jan 06 at 8.00PM

Present Bill Daly, Bill D (wwh)
Dave Edwards, The Wombles
Tony Pinnington, Mongoose39UK
Matt Pringle, Nobbynobbs
Fiona Robertson, The Nutters
Matt Wagster, Mattwaggie

1. Introductions - as above
The off topic forum is a great success, thanks to Tony for suggesting it
2. Ideas for new GAGB initiatives
2 new forums to be set up 1 Technological Advice (for advice on which GPS, PPC, etc. and advice on software issues i.e. cachemate)
2 Landowner permissions with links to letters for approaching landowners, move the Pinned: Major Land Owner approval to new forum BILL TO ACTION
3. Plans / focus for the year
Can we set a letter of introductions for permissions and suggest a Performa in simple terms for councils and encourage local cahers to use them to set up agreements with there local councils? We could base it on existing agreements and link it though the other forums and another pinned thread (title to be decided later) DAVE TO ACTION
4. Any publicity / comms suggestions
Add a link to GAGB site on our own cache pages (and encourage others to do likewise) this will help introduce new cachers that don’t frequent the forums. Possibly add link to signature in groundspeak forums. Use magazines from other sports (sailing mountain biking) to get press coverage.
5. Consider roles / leads suggested below
Minutes / notes taker - Fiona
Actioning gagb committee emails - Tony
Actioning gagb voicemail messages - Matt Wagster (Bill to redirect current phone service)
Renewals / maintenance of existing agreements - Dave
Management of cache applications against existing agreements
- New Forest / Dorset FC - Bill
- Woodland Trust individual cachers
- Any others requiring regular management?
- Management of website currently Bill with help from Barry, Maybe we can co-opt someone to to this.
- Deletion of website spam Bill to change current process from automatic to manual (to revert in 1 or 2 months)
Other roles?
6. Consider any co-options to the committee Web master as above, others if the need arises
7. Meeting frequency / rough date for next meeting every 4 months beg May
8. Actions and owners
Bill – Set up 2 new forums, redirect YAC phone service
Dave - Emails and Forum threads
Fiona - Minutes
Matt Wagster - Answerphone
Meeting closed at 21.09PM