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Thread: Landowner negotiations in progress

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    Default Landowner negotiations in progress

    If you're in negotiation with a landowner, and you'd like to make it known to avoid anyone treading on your toes with them, post the details in this thread.


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    KathyXB Guest


    I am currently 'negotiating' with personnel at Eastleigh Borough Council about placing caches in several of their Countryside sites, since I would rather start by having their permission instead of just planting some!

    So far hitting some walls (mainly they say they don't know about geocaching, they don't know what the Council's policy on geocaching is, etc etc). I hope that when its done with, they will be cacher-friendy councillors and also have a better awareness of the scale of the activity.

    (and also, the fact that there are already lots of caches within their sites, something which seems to have escaped them so far...)


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    The Forester Guest


    I'm making good progress with the Muiravonside Country Park in central Scotland. Owned by the Falkirk Council, the park is run by the Head Ranger with whom I established comms a couple of months ago.

    He's been exceptionally busy and has had to prioritise his time and understandably my geocaching request is not very high on his priority list. Understanding this, I've taken the softlee softlee approach and have limited my 'nagging' requests to a maximum of one email per month.

    Today I had a face to face chat with him. He's pro-geocaching and favourably disposed towards us. I did have to overcome his misapprehension that caches are "buried". I explained our rule about never digging with any implement in either placing or hunting a cache and I mentioned the prohibition against using any animal runs hides or burrows.

    He requested that I include a sentence on any cachepage declaring that under the wildlife conservation legislation which covers this protected area it is the Law that forbids the use of any digging implement or disturbing wildflowers or other wildlife.

    One problem which I've addressed and resolved is that there had been, for a couple of years or more, an illicit cache within the Park. The illegality of that cache was compounded by the fact that the path which it was closest to was subsequently closed and barricaded for public safety as the water erosion had made the path unmaintainable. I recovered the cache a couple of months ago. It was waterlogged and comprehensively ruined by mildew, so its replacement will be a nice new waterprrof job.

    I've got two or three very monor details to deal with before making the two caches live, but I expect to complete by the end of January.

    The Head Ranger has my caching profile contact details, as well as my personal email and home address and telephone number. By arrangement, we've agreed that I am his point of contact in the event of any matters arising from either of the two proposed caches in the park. Placement of further caches within the property, subject to the usual 0.1mile rule, will be a simple matter of informing the Ranger of the proposed location.

    This permission, which is now 99% complete, is only for the Muiravonside Countrypark and does not extend to other properties owned and operated by Falkirk Council, but I'm confident that after a few months of trouble-free geocaching we will be well placed to approach the relevant Rangers in other Council properties with a good reference from this Head Ranger.

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    KathyXB Guest


    Update on my approach to Eastleigh Borough Council reference placing caches on their managed sites:

    Had an email from them a few days ago giving me the go ahead for cache placement! Hurrah! Their proviso was that they are placed according to Hampshire County Council guidelines (which I stated would be the case when I initially asked for their approval) and that I inform them of the exact location and what the cache looks like.

    Another bonus of this was they said they would let the countryside officers/rangers know so that if the cache was discovered away from its proper location they would return it to position. Sounds like a very positive attitude and I think its fair to say they seem to be geo-friendly now

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    That's good news... very considerate of them, too Well done on your efforts!

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    I am in negotiation with the BMC [ British Mountaineering Council] based Manchester

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    KathyXB Guest


    Originally posted by Cache U Nutter@Feb 27 2007, 09:56 AM
    I am in negotiation with the BMC [ British Mountaineering Council] based Manchester
    What are you approaching them about? While I can understand that it is always good for different outdoor organisations to have a good relationship, the BMC are not landowners. Just was wondering if you could clarify?

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    The BMC are land owners, i.e Harrisons, Stone farm etc.
    They are also probably one of the major players in negotiating access rights in the U.K to areas of upland Britain, Coastal[ cliff sites]and areas of rock outcrops.
    As a friend of their former National access officer I am well aware of the problems that are faced in trying to achieve access to these areas. Given the number of climbers and mountaineers/ fellwalkers in this country [ many, many times more than the current number of Geocachers] it would be prudent to learn from and cooperate with them to help our own needs. [[I also want to place caches on their land!!]
    As a long time mountaineer myself with many contacts in the fraternity that is why I am talking to them.

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    excellent news. good luck. with any luck you'll be able to appraoch the landowners that have agreements with them and piggy back caching agreements. fingers crossed. not too many mountains down in hampshire though so it'll have to wait for a trip before i can make use of it!!

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    Good point that about piggy backing on agreements, but a long way off yet! also not sure how individual land owners would feel about that ?

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    my thought were that if they have a greed to the climbers then they would possibly be open to an approach from cachers, especially when CITO is explained and so on.
    by piggy backing i meant that if they have certain conditions already agreed then they may be happy for the same conditions to be applied to us, obviously only after asking them.

    keep us informed and let us know if you need help.

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    Will certainly keep you updated, will see what I can do

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    contacting the hampshire wildlife trust to try and get a general agreement accross all their sites.

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    KernowCachers Guest


    Here are the email replies I received following a request to place a cache on some NT land nearby. (Nearby being North Cornwall)

    Dear Jan,

    Your faxed letter of 26 March requesting consent to place a geocache on National Trust land between Minster Church and the Valency valley has been passed to me.

    I am sorry that it has taken a little time to come back to you, but since receiving your request I have been making enquiries within the Trust about our experience of the impact of geocahes elsewhere. I am sorry to say that on other sites where these have been allowed the Trust has experienced considerable difficulties. In one case a property was extensively damaged by digging as people tried to find the geocahe and in others there have been significant trampling and erosion problems in the area around the geocahe location.

    The site you suggest could easily be damaged if similar problems were experienced here and I am sorry to say therefore that we can not give permission for the geocache to be placed. I realise that this will be a disappointment and appreciate that the majority of people seeking out the geocache would act carefully and responsibly but, as I am sure you will understand, our priority must be to avoid damage to the site. I hope you will be successful in finding an alternative location.

    Kind regards,

    Ian Kemp.
    Property Manager, North Cornwall

    From me:

    I understand The Trust's position. Can you confirm if this would be the case for any NT land across Cornwall or would each location be considered independently upon request?



    With the Geocahe being a relatively new feature, I don't think we have a clear position statement that covers the whole of the Trust yet. However, I am going to a meeting on Friday where I will raise this with the other countryside managers in Devon and Cornwall. I will hopefully be able to update you then.


    I'll let you know what the final outcome is. Hopefully I can at least negotiate a trial period at one location so that the office can have something local to base their decission on.

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    minxyy Guest


    Hi all just to let you know I am currntly in negotiations with the Borough of Poole to try to get them to agree to us placing geocaches on land under their durestriction!

    I had a positive reply today via e-mail saying that they'd have to have a meeting about it and would get back to me in approx two weeks!

    I have sent
    -printouts of very good local caches
    -copies of agreements rached with Hampshire
    -copies of agreements wioth New Forest
    -copy of CITO event in Oxford - also showing how well it was attended and the 'mess' they cleared out!
    - a covering letter with web addreses for Gagb, and Hampshire Council
    - a list of possible locations for caches including a newly refurbished Poole Park!
    - pictures of the different cache containers we use from micro to ammo

    I have also offered to take them out Geocaching if they wish! Will have to pick some great urban ones!

    Does anyone know of any agreement with Bournemouth Council As I note there are a lot in that vicinity

    Any advice/support would be really appreciated

    Many thanks

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