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Thread: Wye Rapids (GCJHW0) rogue cache

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    SidAndBob Guest


    Since adopting Wye Rapids on Friday we've found there are two caches on one site. The second (which we, along with many others logged a find against) was placed in error by cachers who thought they had found a muggled cache. If you have logged a find here against a 35mm film cannister with a wooden bung then you have NOT found the cache
    The details are highlighted on the listing.

    Happy caching,
    Pete (SidAndBob).

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    Having found this one some time ago, and having been reading recent logs over the last few months, I had an inkling that this may have happened... suddenly it seemed to have become rather easier than we remembered.
    I'm so glad that you are now able to get it sorted out: This is a classic of its kind and well deserves its difficulty rating.

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