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Thread: Geo Caching Help

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    Me and my wife are visiting the UK in two weeks in the Kent, Paddock Wood area and I wood like to do some geocaching and metal detecting in the area. I am a novice in both, and can use some help. Please guide me. :unsure:

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    I hope you will enjoy your visit.
    I'm no expert on metal dectecting, but over here I think the most important thing is to be sure you get permission first, before you start wandering over anybody's land with a metal detector. The National Council for Metal Detecting site seems to cover what you need to know.

    I assume you have done some Geocaching in USA? As for Geocaching in Kent, if you need recommendations for particularly interesting caches in that area, I suggest you put a posting up on The UK Forum. It is visited more frequently by a wider range of UK cachers than this Forum and I expect that within a few days replies will appear from Kent geocachers.

    But, who knows, one of our cachers on this Forum may have the information you need... What do you want to know?

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