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Thread: tb race from london to usa

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    shphilby Guest


    I am planning a tb race from the London area back to the USA and was trying to find a cache big enough to place them in. I wonít have much travel time so the cache has to be close and easy to get to. There will be around 12 or more tb with me so it has to be a larger cache to fit them. Everything I find seems to be micros. I am going to be in London around the Buckingham palace area, we are going to Stonehenge one day and then down to Rome, Milan, Paris and then back to London. Any help on finding a cache would be highly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    one alternative would be to meet up with a cacher who could release them around and about.
    if they get released near london it'll be too easy for one or more to just get picked up on the next outbound flight.

    i might be able to do stonehenge depending on when you are going to be there but anyone else should feel free to jump in with a better offer.

    there might even be a bash on at some point when you are here.. what are the dates?

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    shphilby Guest


    I will be in London on the 30th and 31st then on the 1st Iím flying out to Rome. I will be back in London on the 8th to fly out on the 9th. We are hoping to go to Stonehenge on the 30th. I am not going to have a car so my travel is going to be limited.
    I donít know if anyone would like to get a race put together of tb racing from the USA to London and we could meet and trade tb?
    If we did meet I would like all the tb to be placed in one cache at the same time.

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    silverado Guest


    how about releasing the tb's at an event, is there a destination cache for the race. There is a race going on now which has been going on for almost a year, the race is being done by in California it started in Santa Cruz and the destination is GCGBGB "Last Delivery Cache" in London.

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