Robin hood riding thru Sherwood found a frog screaming for help in the beak of an Heron, Robin jumped down, and sliced the heron's head off with his sword.

The frog leapt onto the nearest fallen tree trunk, and to Robin's suprise, changed into an elf, and spoke. "Robin, you saved me, wish for any thing you would like to have".

Robin thought for a few seconds, and remembering that Maid Marion was complaining of being not satisfied, he asked the elf to enlarge his sexual organ to the same size as that on his horse.

This was done, and he rode off home to attend to his sweetheart, Maid Marion.

News of this miracle event reached the Sheriff of Nottingham, so in order to equal Robin he set off to find an animal in distress. As he rode about he saw a blackbird caught up in some brambles, he reached to free it, whereupon the bird turned into the same elf as before. "Sheriff" the elf said, "you have saved my life, wish for anything you want and you shall have it."

The sheriff did not hesitate, "I wish for the same as you gave to Robin hood".

But he made a serious error, he forgot he was on his mare, and he and Robin lived happily ever after.