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Thread: Non voting member?

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    V70T5 Guest


    Hi all,

    Being new to this board, I wondered why I have a 'non voting member' tag on my profile?

    Apologies if this has been asked a hundred times (I did try searching for an answer)

    I am brand new to GC'ing so theres lots I don't know, especially how (and what) organisations and groups do what.


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    nobbynobbs Guest


    welcome to the site and the obsession! non member thing nothing to worry about it's just because you are new to the site.

    i'm sure that you will be forgiven for posting a few questions. most here are friendly if somewhat mad.

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    Gavin, as Matt says it's because you're new. We've had an increasing number of people sign up to post spam, so for the time being anyway I'm validating new members manually. When I validate a member they automatically become a non-voting member. I then watch until they've visited the forums a few times or posted non-spam, to be sure they're genuine, then manually make them an ordinary member.
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    V70T5 Guest


    That makes sense

    I've noticed many (if not all) boards have been using those verify-the-picture thingies due to automated signups and stuff.


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