The Wombles
I'm nominating Tim and June for joint Chairmanship.

Whilst it might get a little crowded if they both use the Chair at the same time, it seems to me that they both make major contribution to everything that they do, they always cache together as a single unit so it is appropriate that they share the Chair.

If other members feel that this is inappropriate because they feel that the nomination should be for a single person only, then would they please open a new thread for that debate to leave this one for nominations only?
Not sure what others feel about this but that was the way I saw it working. As people cache in teams then comtitte places would go to teams. For instance if the wombles were elected (is that the first time that sentance has ever been used I wonder ) then they would take up one place and consiquently 1 vote.

In real life I expect few things would be voted on by the committee - usually they would come up with a plan and seek ratification by the membership. Though I could be wrong (and usually am )