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Thread: Geocaching software

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    dobbin Guest


    Newbie question here. I have a Garmin eTrex GPS and use the Map Source software that came with it to manage marks, waypoints etc. Having only used it once to down load several loc files I was a bit dissapointed it couldn't store multiple locations before sending them to the GPS. I had to load each location (from the loc) file one at a time.

    Does anyone out there in Geocacheland have any experience with other software apps, that run on win XP, for managing loc or gpx originated markers on a Garmin GPS?

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    don't use it myself but most people rate GSAK it appears to be able to do nearly everything and cook you lunch at the same time....

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    Or for free try

    GSAK is free for a trial period, then takes longer to load, and nags... and nags...

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    GSAK costs 25 USD (12.75) to register. You can become a premium member of for 30 dollars (15.30). You can then get pocket queries from, which contain .gpx files which you can load straight into GSAK. There's much more information in .gpx files than in .loc files - the whole cache details.

    You can then select the caches you want in GSAK and send them straight to your GPS. IMHO that's the way to go.
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    dobbin Guest


    Brill thanks for the advice I'll try GSAK first and see how I get on

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