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Thread: Norman Geocoin

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    slippery_1 Guest


    Greetings friends from Northern Manitoba Canada,

    We are now into the sales stage and production is soon to start, if you still want to get in on this one time only coin, then go toNorthbound trading company
    So here it is,

    We are now ready to take payments for the Norman Geocoin.

    Please place your order on theNorthbound Trading
    for the total number of coins that you express interest for.
    The pre-selection list which you where on before will determine if and how many LE coins we will send.
    For example, if you expressed interest for 2 LE and 2 Regular place an order for 4 coins. We will ship 2 LE and 2 REG. as per our previous communications.
    To commit to your original intention, please place your order by the end of March 19th, 2007.
    Once we hit the pre-sell order of 280 coins, the coins will be ordered. We expect to be shipping coins within three weeks of this date.

    Here is a sneak peek:

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    a bit of a liberty to advertise a coin here but pointless as well.... must reply before 19th march but not posted until the 21st!

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    slippery_1 Guest


    Rational for the 19th date: people who committed previously where being allowed to buy their coins first before the open offer was made to everyone.

    I suppose you can not please everyone, however I try, it's the Canuk way...

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